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About Housing

Affordable housing is not a reality for many Australians. Of South Australians who are unable to afford their own home and are in the private rental market, approximately 33.4% are affected by a phenomenon known as housing stress. Housing stress affects low income households who form the lowest percent of the income distribution range and spend 30% of the household’s gross income on housing costs. Housing stress affects the health and wellbeing of individuals negatively and can precipitate a variety of physical, mental and emotional conditions, both chronic and acute. These correlations make it clear that housing is a social determinant of health, and needs to be treated as part of the web of factors affecting the health and wellbeing of individuals, families, households and ultimately society. In the instance of low income earners, unaffordable housing can affect social participation, causing further strain on health and wellbeing.

Visit the Box File in the sidebar to download the Housing Principles Paper and also the Housing Fact Sheet.



  • 33.4% of South Australians in the private rental market are experiencing housing stress; that is, 30% or more of their income is spent on housing costs.
  • Over 7500 South Australians were recorded as “homeless” in 2001.

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