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Policy development where it counts

Policy development is critical to guiding the actions of our government and therefore the process should not be taken for granted. Politicians and senior bureaucrats need to know what issues are of concern to the voting public, and what directions we wish them to take.

SACOSS members have shaped the five key areas of concern for us at this time – check out the Box File in the sidebar to download the Principles Papers on these topics.

The SACOSS Blueprint for the eradication of poverty has a much more comprehensive coverage of issues.


Create a Better State is all about South Australia and you. It's about the things that underpin the social fabric of our state and how you can make a difference when the State election rolls around in March 2010. We're not party-political and we're not going to tell you how to vote...we just ask you to do it thoughtfully. And on this website there are some tools and tips to help you do that.

What we’re saying (updates from Twitter)

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