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About Social Infrastructure

The Global Financial Crisis, precipitated by the sub-prime crisis in the US and caused by the unregulated global trade in credit default swaps, has left companies, financial institutions and national economies across the world vulnerable if not insolvent. The Australian and South Australian economies are not immune to the negative effects of the global economic downturn, with the national economy set to enter into recession and the state economy not expected to escape unscathed. While there is some hope that South Australia will escape the worst of the downturn, higher levels of unemployment and lower levels of economic activity can be expected in the medium term.

Robust policy initiatives that recognise the continuum from education and training opportunities to employment (and ultimately broader social participation), will represent investment in a sustainable future and a reinvigorated economy for South Australia.

Visit the Box File in the sidebar to download the Social Infrastructure Principles Paper, and also the Fact Sheet.


What is ‘the economy’?

Economics is the theory of production and distribution of wealth. The economy is the practical science of the production, administration and distribution of wealth. When we talk about economic growth, we are referring to the increase in the production of wealth in Australia. For example the mining boom in South Australia will result in more money being generated in our state by digging uranium out of the ground and selling it. Once this money is generated it is distributed to things like wages, taxes and profits, this money is then spent by employees, governments and shareholders. The economy is influenced by many things including interest rates, government policy, regulation and competition.

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