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About Law & Justice

The continued use of punitive sanctions to control and deter criminal behaviour rests upon a general historical misunderstanding of the effectiveness and appropriateness of this method of punishment. The current criminal justice system and the persistent sensationalist ‘get tough’ initiatives by governments, both preceding and current, have previously enjoyed widespread support within South Australia as both politicians and the media promulgate populist perceptions of crime. Citizens have previously been confident in the efficacy of our punitive criminal justice system, and there has been support for harsher penalties that are perceived to contribute to a safer society by increasingly incarcerating people who commit criminal offences. Conversely there has been a growing acknowledgement of the failures of this system to address the sociological contributors to criminal behaviour, and subsequently the development of early intervention and prevention measures.

Visit the Box File to download the Law & Justice Principles Paper, and also the Law & Justice Fact Sheet.


Life expectancy gap

  • The life expectancy of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is 17 years less than for other South Australians.


  • 21.6% of South Australians receive 90% or more of their main source of income from government cash benefits.
  • In 2005/06, South Australia’s expenditure on “core” concessions (such as energy, public transport, water and vehicle registration) was $89 million.

What do disadvantaged and vulnerable mean?

Quite simply, to be disadvantaged is to have less advantage than others. For example if you live in a remote area you might be disadvantaged in looking for work or accessing training courses.

To be vulnerable means that you are at risk of something. For example if you don’t have enough food to eat you are more likely to become sick than someone who does have enough food. Therefore you are vulnerable to ill health. Vulnerable and disadvantage are often used to describe the same thing.

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