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About Concessions

The South Australian Government provides a range of concessions, including (but not limited to) those for energy; public transport; water and sewerage; vehicle registration and licensing fees; stamp duty; telephone bills; and prescription spectacles. These concessions are meant to provide a means for low income and disadvantaged South Australians to gain access to essential goods and services by making them more affordable.
As in other jurisdictions, concessions in South Australia are often ill-directed, lacking in clarity, and, most significantly, lacking in both horizontal and vertical equity. While certain concessions are available to some people on medium or high incomes, these concessions are not available to some people on lower incomes. This creates a major equity issue, and flows from the inability or unwillingness of state/territory and federal governments to implement a national, integrated approach to concessions.

Visit the Box File in the sidebar to download our Concessions Principles Paper and also the Fact Sheet.



  • 21.6% of South Australians receive 90% or more of their main source of income from government cash benefits.
  • In 2005/06, South Australia’s expenditure on “core” concessions (such as energy, public transport, water and vehicle registration) was $89 million.

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