What is ‘the economy’?

Economics is the theory of production and distribution of wealth. The economy is the practical science of the production, administration and distribution of wealth. When we talk about economic growth, we are referring to the increase in the production of wealth in Australia. For example the mining boom in South Australia will result in more money being generated in our state by digging uranium out of the ground and selling it. Once this money is generated it is distributed to things like wages, taxes and profits, this money is then spent by employees, governments and shareholders. The economy is influenced by many things including interest rates, government policy, regulation and competition.


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Create a Better State is all about South Australia and you. It's about the things that underpin the social fabric of our state and how you can make a difference when the State election rolls around in March 2010. We're not party-political and we're not going to tell you how to vote...we just ask you to do it thoughtfully. And on this website there are some tools and tips to help you do that.

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